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A list of the 10 largest red light areas in Hyderabad, including their names and locations - Girlsclub

1. Mehboob Ki Mehendi, Ghosha Mahal, Hyderabad - This area has a long history of being a red-light district, known for its numerous brothels and adult entertainment services.

2. Balapur, Hyderabad - Located in the southern part of the city, this area is known for its large concentration of nightclubs, bars, and adult entertainment establishments.

3. Koti, Hyderabad - A well-established red-light area in the city, Koti is known for its numerous brothels, dance bars, and adult entertainment venues.

4. Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - Although known for its affluent residential area, Banjara Hills also houses several high-end adult entertainment venues and massage parlors.

5. Ameerpet, Hyderabad - This area is known for its numerous massage parlors, spas, and adult entertainment establishments, making it a popular red-light district in the city.

6. Begumpet, Hyderabad - With its numerous bars, adult entertainment venues, and massage parlors, Begumpet is a well-known red-light area in the city.

7. Secunderabad, Hyderabad - Historically known for its red-light district, Secunderabad is home to numerous brothels, dance bars, and adult entertainment establishments.

8. Malakpet, Hyderabad - This area is known for its large number of massage parlors, spas, and adult entertainment venues, making it a prominent red-light district in the city.

9. LB Nagar, Hyderabad - With its numerous nightclubs, bars, and adult entertainment venues, LB Nagar is a popular red-light area in the city.

10. Bala Nagar, Hyderabad - Home to several adult entertainment venues, dance bars, and massage parlors, Bala Nagar is a well-established red-light area in the city.

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Red light areas in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, like many other cities, is home to several red-light areas where prostitution and other sex-related activities are prevalent. The top 10 red light areas in Hyderabad include Mehboob Ki Mehendi, Bazaari Ghat, and Bahadurpura. These areas have a long history of being centers for the sex trade, dating back to colonial times.

The culture of these neighborhoods is defined by the illegal but widely practiced nature of the industry. Prostitution and other sex-related activities are prevalent, and the women involved often face exploitation and abuse. Despite the illegal status of these activities, they continue to thrive due to a combination of poverty, lack of viable employment opportunities, and societal attitudes towards sex work.

The current state of these red-light areas is a complex and challenging issue. While efforts have been made to address the problems associated with prostitution and sex-related activities in these neighborhoods, they continue to persist. The prevalence of these activities highlights the need for comprehensive and compassionate solutions to address the underlying issues that contribute to the existence of red-light areas in Hyderabad.

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Top 10 Famous Hyderabad Red Light Areas Name | Hyderabad Red light area near my location

  • Mehboob Ki Mehendi, Gosha Mahal
  • Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, Bagh Lingampally
  • Bichkunda
  • Basheerbagh
  • Sriram Nagar, Chikkadpally
  • Indira Colony, Nizamabad
  • Chanchalguda, Mahbubnagar
  • Hanuman Nagar, Adilabad
  • Jambagh, Koti
  • Dabeerpura, Amberpet

Hyderabad red light areas have a long historical significance, dating back to the time of Nizams when the city was a hub for the adult entertainment industry. These areas continue to thrive due to the cultural nuances and lack of strict regulation in the region. Prostitution, brothels, massage parlors, and adult entertainment are prevalent in these areas, serving as a source of income for many individuals. Present-day realities include the presence of a significant number of sex workers, as well as concerns around the exploitation and trafficking of individuals into these areas. Despite efforts to regulate and crackdown on these activities, they continue to persist in these locations. The socio-economic conditions and demand for such services contribute to the continuing existence of these red light areas in Hyderabad.

Here is a list of the largest Hyderabad red light areas

Hyderabad, the capital city of the Indian state of Telangana, is known for its vibrant culture and bustling city life. However, it is also home to some of the largest red light areas in the country. These areas are known for their controversial nature and often draw negative attention. Despite this, they are an unfortunate reality and play a significant role in the city's social and economic landscape. In this article, we will explore the list of the largest red light areas in Hyderabad, shedding light on their locations, history, and impact on the surrounding communities.

Koti red light areas

Koti, located in Hyderabad, is a well-known red light area that attracts both locals and visitors seeking adult entertainment options. This area is home to a variety of adult entertainment establishments, including brothels, strip clubs, and massage parlors. The price range for services in Koti varies depending on the type of establishment and the specific services offered, but generally falls within a reasonable range.

Koti's location in the heart of Hyderabad and its lively atmosphere make it a popular destination for those seeking adult entertainment. The area is known for its vibrant nightlife and offers a wide range of options for those looking to indulge in adult activities.

Overall, Koti is a popular red light area in Hyderabad that offers a diverse selection of adult entertainment options at a reasonable price point, making it a go-to destination for both locals and visitors.

Bahadurpura red light areas

Bahadurpura, located in Hyderabad, is known as a red light area with a high concentration of brothels, sex workers, and massage parlours. This area has gained popularity as a destination for adult entertainment, with a wide range of services offered at varying price points.

The price range for services in Bahadurpura starts at a modest Rs 400 and can go up to Rs 2000, depending on the type of service and the duration. The area has become a hub for individuals seeking adult entertainment, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

Although known for its red light district, Bahadurpura also has a vibrant community and a rich cultural heritage. However, it is important to note that the area also faces numerous social and economic challenges, including the exploitation of sex workers and the lack of opportunities for alternative livelihoods.

Overall, Bahadurpura in Hyderabad remains a controversial and complex area, with its status as a red light district drawing both criticism and increasing interest from people seeking adult entertainment.

Banjara Hills red light areas

Situated in the upscale city of Hyderabad, Banjara Hills boasts a dual nature characterized by its affluent residential options and vibrant entertainment scene, as well as the prevalence of prostitution in the area. The neighborhood is home to luxurious residential properties, fine dining restaurants, high-end boutiques, and entertainment venues, making it a popular choice for the elite.

However, alongside the upscale establishments, Banjara Hills also has a darker side, with reports of prostitution being rampant in the area. The presence of luxury establishments and discreet adult entertainment services catering to affluent clients is evident, highlighting the contrast between the opulence and the underground activities in the neighborhood.

The dual nature of Banjara Hills reflects the complex social dynamics present in many affluent areas, where the facade of luxury and sophistication coexists with the existence of less savory activities. Despite its upscale reputation, the neighborhood grapples with the persistent issue of prostitution, shedding light on the less glamorous aspect of its entertainment scene.

Secunderabad red light areas

Secunderabad is a vibrant city with a bustling residential and commercial scene. Its residential areas boast a mix of modern apartments and traditional homes, while its commercial districts are teeming with a diverse range of establishments, including shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Secunderabad offers affordable rates for both residential and commercial properties, making it an attractive location for individuals and businesses alike.

One notable aspect of Secunderabad is the presence of a red light area near Secunderabad Station. This area is home to various establishments such as brothels, adult entertainment venues, and related businesses. While this element adds a certain level of controversy to the city, it is important to note that Secunderabad's diverse range of establishments also extends to this area, catering to a variety of interests and needs.

Overall, Secunderabad is a dynamic city with a mix of residential and commercial offerings, as well as a diverse range of establishments that cater to different lifestyles and preferences.

Begumpet red light areas

Begumpet in Hyderabad is a bustling commercial area that also includes a prominent red light district. The area is known for its diverse range of establishments, catering to customers with different budgets. Various services, including prostitution, can be found in this area.

In addition to its red light district, Begumpet also boasts various businesses and attractions. There are several shopping malls and restaurants in the area, attracting a diverse range of visitors. However, the prevalence of prostitution is a significant aspect of the area.

Begumpet has a reputation for being a vibrant yet controversial part of the city due to the presence of high-end brothels and the visible sex trade. Despite this, it remains a significant commercial hub in Hyderabad.

Overall, Begumpet is a complex area that combines commercial activities with the presence of high-end brothels and prostitution, making it a noteworthy and controversial part of the city.

Madhapur red light areas

Madhapur, located in the heart of Hyderabad, is known for its vibrant blend of the IT industry, entertainment hubs, and a controversial red light area. The area is a bustling hotspot for techies, thanks to its cluster of IT companies, making it a prime location for career growth and opportunities.

Aside from its professional appeal, Madhapur is also a magnet for young customers seeking entertainment. The area is a melting pot of hip bars, vibrant pubs, and exciting nightlife, making it a go-to destination for those looking to unwind and socialize after work.

However, Madhapur is not without controversy, as it is also known for its red light area, drawing a different crowd in the late hours of the day. Despite this, the area continues to attract visitors and residents alike who are keen on experiencing its diverse offerings.

In conclusion, Madhapur's magnetism lies in its ability to cater to both professional and leisurely pursuits, making it a dynamic and multifaceted destination within Hyderabad.

Gachibowli red light areas

Gachibowli, a bustling area in Hyderabad, is known for its educational institutions like the Indian School of Business and the University of Hyderabad, as well as corporate offices of major companies. However, it is also home to a red light area where prostitution is prevalent.

The presence of affordable rates and discreet services in the red light area makes it a popular destination for those seeking such services. Despite the area’s diverse and dynamic environment, this aspect of Gachibowli remains a significant and controversial feature. It’s essential for visitors to exercise caution and respect the community in this area.

Overall, Gachibowli is a diverse and multifaceted location that caters to various needs and interests, but it’s important to remember and acknowledge the presence of the red light area and the challenges it presents.

Yousufguda red light areas

The presence of a red-light area in Yousufguda has had a significant impact on the social fabric and community dynamics of the area. The existence of sex workers in the neighborhood has brought about negative social implications such as increased crime rates, drug abuse, and exploitation of women. It has also led to the erosion of family values and the overall sense of safety and well-being in the community.

Over time, the residential area has undergone a transformation due to the presence of sex workers. The once-peaceful neighborhood has seen an increase in illegal activities and a decline in property values. Additionally, the community has faced stigma and discrimination due to the association with the red-light area.

Efforts are necessary to address the social and community implications of the red-light area in Yousufguda, in order to create a safer and more wholesome environment for residents.

The history of Hyderabad's red light areas

Hyderabad's red-light areas have roots dating back to the colonial era when British soldiers played a significant role in the establishment and growth of these areas. The influx of sex workers from across the country also contributed to the development of these hotspots. Over time, these areas evolved from small, isolated pockets of prostitution to concentrated red-light districts, such as the infamous Mehboob Ki Mehendi and the Koti Sultan Bazar area.

The historical events and developments that have shaped the evolution of these red-light areas include the British colonization of India, the migration of sex workers to Hyderabad, and the city's growing reputation as a hub for commercial sex work. Today, these areas continue to thrive as prostitution hotspots, with a complex socio-economic and cultural landscape. The establishment and growth of these red-light areas have been influenced by various historical and contemporary factors, making them an important aspect of Hyderabad's social fabric.


The red-light areas in Hyderabad have a significant impact on the lives of women involved in prostitution. These women face numerous challenges, including physical and emotional abuse, social stigma, and lack of access to healthcare and education. Addressing the root causes of prostitution, such as poverty, lack of opportunities, and gender inequality, is crucial in providing support and rehabilitation services to these women.

It is important for the government, society, and individuals to work together to eradicate prostitution and create a dignified environment for women. This can be achieved through implementing effective laws and policies, providing access to education and job opportunities, and offering support and counseling services for women to transition out of prostitution.

By addressing the underlying issues that drive women into prostitution and providing a support system for their rehabilitation, we can create a safer and more dignified environment for these women. It is essential for all stakeholders to come together to tackle this complex issue and work towards creating a society where women are not forced into prostitution and can lead a life with dignity and respect.

Are red-light areas in Hyderabad safe to visit?

Red-light areas in Hyderabad can be potentially dangerous due to various criminal activities such as fraud, harassment, and theft. Instances of visitors being scammed or robbed have been reported in these areas. People may also fall victim to harassment or violence, especially when not familiar with the local customs and norms.

To stay safe when visiting these areas, it is crucial to respect local customs and be mindful of your surroundings. Avoid engaging in any illegal or suspicious activities, and be cautious of individuals who may try to take advantage of visitors. It is also advisable to be accompanied by a trusted local guide and to avoid walking alone in these areas, especially at night.

While it is important to raise awareness about these potential dangers, it is also important to note that not everyone in these areas is involved in criminal activities. Many individuals in red-light areas may be in vulnerable situations and in need of support and understanding. Ultimately, visitors should prioritize their safety and well-being by being cautious and respectful when visiting these areas in Hyderabad.

What actions is the government taking to address the issue of prostitution in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad, the government has been proactive in addressing the issue of prostitution by setting up rescue homes for sex workers and providing vocational training to help them find alternative sources of income. These efforts are aimed at empowering sex workers to transition out of the industry and lead more sustainable lives. The legal status of prostitution in Hyderabad is complex, with aspects of it being illegal while certain activities, such as solicitation, being tolerated. However, the government is actively tackling the issue of sex trafficking by implementing strict laws and cracking down on human trafficking rings. Individuals can support the cause of sex workers in Hyderabad by advocating for their rights, volunteering at rescue homes, and supporting organizations that provide counseling and vocational training to sex workers. Through these efforts, the government and the community are working together to address the issue of prostitution in Hyderabad and provide support for sex workers looking to leave the industry.

Is there a correlation between sex workers in red-light areas and trafficking?

Sex workers in red-light areas may find themselves in a variety of circumstances. Some may enter the profession voluntarily, often due to economic hardship, lack of job opportunities, or personal choice. Others may be coerced or trafficked into the industry, either through manipulation, force, or deception.

It's crucial to understand the complexity of the situation, as not all sex workers are victims of trafficking. Some may be working under their own consent, and in some cases, find a sense of empowerment and agency in their profession. Additionally, cultural and societal factors, such as stigmatization and marginalization, can also contribute to the different experiences and choices of sex workers in red-light areas.

Thus, when addressing the issue, it's important to recognize the diverse circumstances and individual stories of sex workers, and not to generalize them as solely victims of trafficking. Each person's situation is unique, and addressing the complexities of the red-light industry is essential in creating effective support and intervention strategies.

What are the ways to support the cause of sex workers in Hyderabad?

There are several NGOs and organizations in Hyderabad working to support sex workers, such as Prajwala, Snehakarsh, and SWARAKSHA. You can reach out to them to inquire about volunteer opportunities or donation needs to help support their cause.

Additionally, you can educate others about the issue of sex work in Hyderabad and advocate for better rights and support for sex workers. This can include sharing information on social media, organizing events or fundraisers, or writing to local government representatives to advocate for policy changes.

By supporting these NGOs and organizations, as well as raising awareness and advocating for better rights for sex workers, you can contribute to improving the lives of sex workers in Hyderabad and helping to provide them with the support they need.

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